New Addition to the Library

Picked up a copy of this at Borders Singapore for the kids this weekend.  I am impressed by the art–all full color, and an illustration for almost every entry.  Some are the predictable artifacts and classical paintings, but most are original and very well done.  My son particularly likes the “Behemoth.”

It is organized not like a “Bible” but more like any other guide in the genre–chapters on “Creatures of the Air,” “Creatures of the Dark,” etc.  Beyond that, there doesn’t seem to be an alphabetical or geographic organization.

The text is brief and readable, but does not contain much in the way of new information.  I do like the world myth flavor of it, and my kids have learned about new critters like the barometz and jackalope.   It does not contain a bibliography or references section, which is surprising given the length of the book overall.

The size of the book is a bit odd–this paperback edition being small and squarish, which will make it easy to take on a plane trip, but for a pretty reference edition I’d probably get a hardback.  It would be worth the price for the illustrations alone. Mythical Creatures Bible Godsfield Bible Series 9781841813981: Brenda Rosen: Books.

Another Great Halloween Record

Scar Stuff: Wade Denning “Famous Ghost Stories With Scary Sounds” (Pickwick, SPC-5146, 1975).

I remember this one had a terrifying version of “The Telltale Heart.” “The Haunted Gold Mine” was another favorite.  And check out the simple, yet effective, cover art.

The Scariest Damn Thing

MONSTER SHINDIG: Ghostly Sounds – 1975.

I went looking for an image of this album cover (remember those?) because I wanted to see if I could find some of the scariest monster images I could remember.

This illustration (by the tragically named George Peed) was on a pretty frightening vinyl album on Pickwick records back in the ’70s. I’ll post a track from it below.  It scared the crap out of me.

In particular was the top-hat-wearing vampire guy with the skull cufflinks.  I found the look of absolute malice on his face to be about the scariest damn thing my little brain could handle.  My mom (bless her) brought this home one Halloween for one of our Pizza Oven Pizza Trick or Treat parties.  I remember listening over and over, despite how the sounds and images kept me up at night.  I would always imagine Mr. Top Hat peering over the foot of my bunk bed, with those long claws reaching for my throat…

Here’s the track where I imagined him walking up my driveway, and the horrible sounds he would make.  Turn all the lights off and listen to this on full volume and tell me it’s not absolutely terrifying. Especially when the narrator says “strange…unnatural sounds.”  I know it’s cheesy, all right?  But that “unnatural” wailing chilled me to the core.

03 The Moon Is A Circle Of Ghosts

I highly recommend the “Monster Shindig” site, too.  Lots of great stuff in that old Famous Monsters of Filmland  kind of kitschy mode.

The Man in Purple--bane of my childhood.


I Pulled the Trigger


My first blog is a quick one…I just put in an order for a bunch of Otherworld Minis, which seem to have been growing silently and steadily since I first started web-stalking them a year ago.

I brought my paints and whatnot back to Singapore with me so I could start up again after a couple of years off, with the whole collection in storage.

Check out the Roper, Beholder/Eye of the Deep, Rust Monsters, Carrion Crawlers…I couldn’t be happier with the look of these things, but I’ll have a full report once they arrive from the UK.

Right out of the pages of the Monster Manual. Come to Daddy! (C) Otherworld Miniatures.

I held off on the Gelatinous Cube because it needs no paint.  It’s a $20.00 block of acrylic.  But I do so love it in theory.