I Pulled the Trigger


My first blog is a quick one…I just put in an order for a bunch of Otherworld Minis, which seem to have been growing silently and steadily since I first started web-stalking them a year ago.

I brought my paints and whatnot back to Singapore with me so I could start up again after a couple of years off, with the whole collection in storage.

Check out the Roper, Beholder/Eye of the Deep, Rust Monsters, Carrion Crawlers…I couldn’t be happier with the look of these things, but I’ll have a full report once they arrive from the UK.

Right out of the pages of the Monster Manual. Come to Daddy! (C) Otherworld Miniatures.

I held off on the Gelatinous Cube because it needs no paint.  It’s a $20.00 block of acrylic.  But I do so love it in theory.


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