New Addition to the Library

Picked up a copy of this at Borders Singapore for the kids this weekend.  I am impressed by the art–all full color, and an illustration for almost every entry.  Some are the predictable artifacts and classical paintings, but most are original and very well done.  My son particularly likes the “Behemoth.”

It is organized not like a “Bible” but more like any other guide in the genre–chapters on “Creatures of the Air,” “Creatures of the Dark,” etc.  Beyond that, there doesn’t seem to be an alphabetical or geographic organization.

The text is brief and readable, but does not contain much in the way of new information.  I do like the world myth flavor of it, and my kids have learned about new critters like the barometz and jackalope.   It does not contain a bibliography or references section, which is surprising given the length of the book overall.

The size of the book is a bit odd–this paperback edition being small and squarish, which will make it easy to take on a plane trip, but for a pretty reference edition I’d probably get a hardback.  It would be worth the price for the illustrations alone. Mythical Creatures Bible Godsfield Bible Series 9781841813981: Brenda Rosen: Books.


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