Charlie Approved: Safari Ltd. Mythical Realms Toys

So I’m back at the ranch here, after a long summer of travel. I’m back to work, too, and during my Creative Writing class I was reminiscing about “Ghostly Sounds” and played the track from this here blog. Which reminded me that I needed to, you know, actually write it if I were to call it a blog and not just and abandoned project.

In order to make my kid more like me (I know, a cruel project at best), I’ve been filling his toy box with cool fantasy creatures from various sources.  I started with a few from ELC’s “Tower of Doom” line, which, admittedly, is geared toward real little kids–but hey, Charlie’s three, ok?  These are not too impressive (except the two-headed wolf, which kind of rocks), with very cartoony poses and sculpts.

Early Learning Centre

A toy store here in Singapore, though, started carrying some great creatures from the French company Papo. Their “Fantastiques” line has some great beast-man figs, my favorites being the creatively named “Rhino Man” and “Crocodile Man.”

Papo Toys

We made some great acquisitions for the collection this summer from an excellent book/toy store in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware called Browseabout Books.

Browseabout Books

They carry the whole range of Safari Ltd. toys. We already know and love the dinosaur models, but now they’re making “Mythical Realms” figures, which are of fantastic quality–rivaling Papo’s “Fantastiques” in their detail and design.

Charlie especially loves their Chimera, and so do I…

He carries it around all the time, and I have to admit, had I access to something this cool as a kid, I would have carried it around all the time too.  I also dig the Cyclops and the Griffin figures.   Looks like I’ll have to order a Medusa for Christmas…I really like the Burmese pythons for hair and in the body design.

Safari Ltd.