"Upon retiring, he had had an unprecedented dream of great Cyclopean 
cities of Titan blocks and sky-flung monoliths, all dripping 
with green ooze and sinister with latent horror. Hieroglyphics 
had covered the walls and pillars, and from some undetermined 
point below had come a voice that was not a voice; 
a chaotic sensation which only fancy could transmute 
into sound, but which he attempted to render 
by the almost unpronounceable jumble of letters: 
Cthulhu fhtagn."
--H.P. Lovecraft, "The Call of Cthulhu"

This blog is all about monsters, creatures, critters, imaginary beings, demons, spirits, and phantasms.  It is meant to blend the various genres and subcultures that produce and study monsters:  literature, role playing games, comics, movies, TV, folklore, cryptozoology…if it’s monstrous, it’s here.

I want to bring together reviews, essays, lists, images, sounds, videos, links–anything related to an obsession I’ve had all my life.

It started with dinosaurs when I was very young…then books like Favorite Tales of Monsters and Trolls, Tales of Magic and Enchantment, and TV shows like Sesame Street and The Muppet Show.  Then movies–Godzilla, Ray Harryhausen, King Kong.  In 1981 my best friend’s older brother got a copy of the Blue Book Basic Dungeons & Dragons.  I was hooked then, and since have collected every version of the Monster Manual published, even though I don’t play any more.  Then I got the Grenadier Box Set “Dwellers Below” and the world of miniature painting opened up to me; now I have thousands of figures.  I have a library of dozens of books about monsters, ranging from Borges’ The Book of Imaginary Beings to Vincent Price’s Monsters with so many in between.

And now, as my own kids grow up, they have become fascinated with monsters too.  I started this blog to document and archive the amazing world that lives on my bookshelf, in my DVD library, and in my own imagination.

Any copyrighted material appearing in this blog is used for review purposes only.  I do not claim copyright of any image, text, or other material.

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